Sutra Dance Theatre
Choreographer: Ramli Ibrahim

Theatre Management Associates (TMA) is an arts enterprise.


Vision and mission for the arts

A cultured society whereby the arts secure memorable experiences for audiences, sustainable platforms for artists and significant returns for investors.

TMA supports the arts - visual, literary and performing arts - in any live or recorded combination. Supporting the arts in the 21st century means that we also support the media (film, video, television, radio, internet, mobile telephony, advertising and publishing) that channel the arts to audiences.

TMA provides services related to the design, set up and launch of vibrant centres for the arts, including education, training, touring and co-productions.


KL Arts Survey 2014


Congratulations to the lucky draw winners who participated in the KL Arts Survey 2014!


Azirah Azman, Joelah Charles, Ty Lene Cook, Inez Caryan Eng, Tiffany Gan, Chitra Govindan, Fazil Irwan, Johan Ishak, Doria Victoria Janiur, Mohammad Firdaus Juhari, Raja Kathryna, Saqina Latif, Ong Wei Lin, Iskandar Zakaria Melvin, Ann Moses, Alex Chu Hwee Siong, Damian Tan, Michael Voon, Lee Ching Wei, Yasmin


Thank you for your valuable input and feedback.


Master classes

TMA and the National Academy of Arts, Culture & Heritage, Malaysia (ASWARA) co-organised - Arts Entrepreneurship
Master Classes
on 27 and 28 April 2013
at ASWARA in Kuala Lumpur

The master classes changed the audience's way of thinking about the arts. Based on personal experience of every section of the visual and performing arts - from the purely creative to the creative purity of sound management - the classes encapsulated the cultural renaissance that Britain has enjoyed over the last fifty years. The arts community came and listened. Came and asked questions. Shared their experience and contributed to the resurgence of the arts.

Topics included -

  • Arts ecosystem and policies (social and legal frameworks, sponsorship and development, professional associations)
  • Arts enterprise (entrepreneurship, building up audiences, touring and broadcasting the arts)
  • Arts in Malaysia, keynote speech and panel session with Malaysia's leading arts professionals from music, visual art, museum, theatre and dance
  • Putting on a show (production and financial frameworks)
  • Building and operating an arts venue

These master classes were "by invitation only" and meant for -

  • Arts producers, managers, administrators and entrepreneurs
  • Curators
  • Directors of arts festivals
  • Artistic directors
  • Touring managers
  • Operators of arts venues
  • Corporate managers of social responsibility
  • Board members and trustees of foundations
  • Corporate managers investing in the arts
  • Commercial developers and property owners
  • Deans of arts faculties and students

Participants were required to attend both days and received a certificate of participation from ASWARA upon full attendance. These free master classes were organised with the support of The Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture and The British Council. This event was "sold out".

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